CalCOFI Publications

CalCOFI has three major publications available in hardcopy and pdf

CalCOFI Atlases
CalCOFI Atlases are specific volumes with analysis of various aspects of CalCOFI data published by cooperating agencies. These publications are available in hardcopy and electronically.
CalCOFI Reports
Since 1950, these yearly reports are published in conjunction with the yearly CalCOFI Conference by the cooperating agencies. They include the Report of the CalCOFI Committee, State of the California Current, State of the Fisheries, Conference Symposium, and contributed papers. If you are an author that would like to include an article in a future report for an upcoming conference, please read our Instructions To Authors.
CalCOFI Data Reports
CalCOFI Data Reports are a compilation of the physical, chemical, and biological data that is collected on our quarterly cruises. These reports include materials & methods, reference citations, plots of cruise track, personnel, physical & biological parameters, tabular physical & productivity data, zooplankton biomass, and avifauna (bird) observations. These reports are available in hardcopy since 1953 and electronically since 1985 (html & pdf).