Zooplankton Data

CalCOFI Zooplankton data are available through CalCOFI's Wet Displacement Volume Reports,the Macrozooplankton Access Database, NOAA's ERDDAP Server, NOAA IchthyoDB and the Cooperative Zooplankton Dataspace

Wet Displacement Volume Reports
A report of macrozooplankton biomass, as wet displacement volume, after removal of large (>5 ml) organisms from the starboard side of a 71 cm mouth diameter paired net (bongo net) equipped with 0.505mm plankton mesh; towed obliquely from 210 meters to the surface.
Macrozooplankton Access Database csv
Contains Wet displacement volumes from starboard side of Bongo Net in csv format form 195101-201607 (9June2017).
A queriable database of egg and larval counts from CalCOFI net tow samples that have been sorted by personnel at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center. This database spans from 1950 to present.
Cooperative Zooplankton Dataspace
Through Mark Ohman's Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Cooperative Zooplankton Dataspace provides a web portal in which several databases are made available to query and or plot from net tow samples collected by NOAA Fisheries on CalCOFI cruises.
In addition to net tows, fish eggs are collected while the research vessel is moving using a Continuous Underway Fish Egg Sampler, or CUFES. CUFES diagram.